Starting in 2016

Authentic Movement classes – Moving Meditation

             beginning 1 February 2016
Invitation to Authentic Movement Group

“Movement is the great law of life.  Everything moves. The heavens move, the earth turns, the great tides mount the beaches of the world. The clouds march slowly across the sky, driven by a wind that stirs the trees into a dance of branches. Water, rising in mountain springs runs down the slopes to join the current of the river. Fire, begun in the brush, leaps roaring over the ground, and the earth, so slow, so always there, grumbles and groans and shifts in the sleep of centuries.  So too with all living creatures… And man? Whoever he/she is, wherever he/she is, he/she too lives in movement… Mary Whitehouse “The Tao of Movement”

This year I am offering an Authentic Movement Group and invite you to join.  You are invited because you have expressed to me your interest in the wisdom of the body, the illuminating power of movement for self-awareness, and the desire to deepen further into self-understanding.

Authentic Movement is often called “an approach to the centre” or “movement in depth”.  These phrases allude to the listening to, the getting in touch with, and the following of one’s own deep dynamic and wordless wisdom.  The process of Authentic Movement has elements in common with Jungian Active Imagination, however it is a non-verbal, dynamic and creative exploration of self.

A class consists of a small group with regular group members with established ground rules for safety and confidentiality. Following a simple but profound procedural format, the core experience in Authentic Movement is

          “the sensation of moving and being moved.  Ideally both are present in the same instant, and it may be literally an instant. It is a moment of total awareness, the coming together of what I am doing and what is happening to me, and who I am.  It cannot be anticipated, specifically worked for, nor repeated exactly.” (drawn from M Whitehouse, “The Tao of Movement”)

The overall intent in Authentic Movement is a creative and honest connection to one’s own body-mind-spirit-psyche-soul-self.

Day: Mondays, beginning February 1, 2016

Time: 9:15 – 10:45am

Frequency: weekly, the first block will be 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 Feb and 21 March

Location: tba, on the southside

Cost: $35/session (paid in advance)

Group size: limited

Registrations are on a monthly basis.

Please consider joining this moving form of mindfulness and self-discovery.

If you are interested please contact me on 0407248323 or .  I am happy to provide more information.

beginning in late March 2016

Somatics, Movement and Psychotherapy Study Group

Come and join a group of bodymind explorers who want to delve into the history, ideas, theories, frameworks, and experiences that inform the integration of somatics, movement and psychodynamic psychotherapy.

We will

  • Through reading of key historical articles, place our work in the context of the history of body/movement psychotherapy;
  • Gain familiarity with two key somatic/movement frameworks (Laban Movement Analysis and Bodymind Centreing) which we can use to observe and language the nonverbal processes in the clinical space, and create a common, (relatively) theory-free language with which we can communicate with each other while respecting our theoretical/technical diversities;
  • Explore a body-compatible psychodynamic framework (Psychoanalytic Self Psychology) that aids the organization of developmental, affective, and relational information as well as helps the therapist understand and manage transference, countertransference, co-transference, somatic transference;
  • Create a space to robustly discuss key articles and book chapters (on somatics, movement, and/or psychotherapy) to increase our breadth and depth of understanding

Day:  Thursday evenings every third week (more or less) starting in April through                                 November (approximately)

Time:   7-9:30p

Location: Garran

Fee: $350 ($50 deposit required)

Contact me for more information and/or an application form