Somatic Movement Psychotherapy

What is Somatic Movement Psychotherapy                                                               (sometimes known as Dance/Movement Therapy)?

Somatic Movement Psychotherapy draws on expressive movement experiences that engage the body and feelings to obtain self-awareness, self-understanding, and insight into our thoughts, beliefs and interactional dynamics.

Somatic Movement Psychotherapy can have a number of aims including the restoration of balance and integration in physical function, sensory development, emotional expression, and mental functioning.

Although dance has been used aethestically as well as therapeutically throughout our human history, Movement Psychotherapy is a relatively new profession throughout the world, emerging strongly in the 1960’s.

Somatic Movement Psychotherapy uses observation and analysis theories, such as Laban Movement Analysis, to determine and address the client’s therapeutic needs. Therapeutic interventions are often designed using Laban Movement Analysis in conjunction with Bodymind Centering concepts.

Most Somatic Movement Psychotherapists are trained in counselling skills and group facilitation.  My particular approach is psychodynamic and uses Psychoanalytic Self Psychology as its theoretical base.

bridge dancers

This work is applicable to children and adults and can be adapted to the needs of clients with a wide range of specified and non-specified disorders and disabilities.  I offer group classes in Somatic Movement Inquiry for anyone interested in delving more deeply into the connections of body, mind, emotion, and relationships. (see Workshops dropdown).