• Face to face, individual therapy sessions informed by Self Psychology.  Body/movement-focussed techniques are employed as needed or  when requested.
  • Sessions are fifty minutes in duration. Frequency of contact, though often weekly or fortnightly, is jointly determined by collaboration between you the client and myself
  • Private Health Insurances rebates available

Professional Supervision

  • Thirty or Fifty minute sessions available. They can be done face to face, by phone, or via Skype
  • I am experienced in supervising psychologists, psychotherapists, somatic psychotherapist, and counsellors from a Self Psychological framework
  • I also am experienced in supervising Movement Psychotherapists and Dance Movement Therapists.  For these modalities, I use Laban Movement Analysis for the body level material and Self Psychology for the relational and transferential material.


  • Tertiary level coursework in Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentalssm, Developmental movement issues, and non-verbal/movement therapeutic interventions are offered through Wesley Institute (Sydney) and upon request
  • Introduction to Self Psychology lectures offered through Empathink (Melbourne) and upon request